Prayer Shawl Patterns

I love prayer shawl patterns.   The photo above shows one of my first shawls that I crocheted.  This one was a fairly simple pattern that I could finish quickly.   

It is a part of a collection of designs in The Prayer Shawl Ministry, Volume 2 (Leisure Arts 4622)

This book really stood out to me as I was browsing the local craft store with my sister, as I mentioned in another one of my knitting tales!

I wanted to bring spirituality and purpose into my crafting, so I was excited to read the contents.

Inside there is a short history of the ministry of making prayer shawls. One church in particular is highlighted, with photos of the ladies at work.

They describe how they go about choosing individuals to gift with shawls, how they pray for these people, and how the shawls are presented to them.

There are testimonies included of how the shawls have blessed the recipients; they have been a blessing for the knitters and crocheters, too!

There are a variety of beautiful designs to knit or crochet, and most of the patterns accommodate beginner-level crafters.

After I finished my first sweater, I decided to enter into the prayer shawl world.  I started praying that God would show me who would be blessed by one.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to give out a lot of shawls.  And because I love intercessory prayer, this provides me with open doors for ministry in a creative platform.

An additional blessing came to me through many people wanting to buy the shawls. Since then, I've done a number of craft fairs and have expanded my repertoire of offerings.  So now it's a nice mix of ministry, and marketplace ministry.

Are you creative?  How do you bring spirituality into your art or craft?

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