About Me

Hello, here's a little about me--

I'm Dawn, of sunny Southern California--welcome to my site!  I hope you'll enjoy being here!

I have been passionate about prayer since my days as a college student.  Back then, I was going through a lot of personal struggles, such as...

...crippling fears and anxiety...

...self-doubt and low self-esteem...

...trouble making friends and socializing...

...feeling lost, not having a sense of direction, and not knowing how to make decisions about my life...

...and others--so, I found God, and quickly turned to prayer as my outlet.  

I discovered I could talk to God as my best friend, and receive power, wisdom and counsel about the things that mattered to me the most.

It wasn't long after I started learning more about prayer, that one of my good friends and I decided to start a weekly prayer group in her dorm room.  

Talk about having fun!  We sure did.  Our little group began growing immediately--  

The whole college softball team became regulars--about 25 young women.  It became so popular that the dorm room was standing room only...

...with folks sitting in the hallway, just to listen.

After that, I became a student of prayer--I began studying the ancient scriptures and any book about prayer that I could get into my hands.

These early experiences were to become the foundation of an exciting spiritual journey for me.  

Later, through prayer--God started opening so many doors for me.  Even though I was a naturally shy person...

...I became a prayer leader in my local church

...I co-founded a healing prayer ministry

...I became an inspirational teacher

...I became an actress & writer

...I began inventing things

...I started creative businesses

...I became a licensed spiritual director in the marketplace

...I now teach workshops on everything from spiritual dreams, to creative prayer, to prophetic life visioning

...and more.  (You will hear more about these on this site!)

All of these things came about through prayer.  You can experience great things through prayer, too!

On this site, I'll be talking in depth about most of what I've listed above, plus so much more.  

There are an infinite number of dreams, goals, experiences that you can have through prayer--

--because the God of this universe is infinite, eternal and inexhaustible.  

He is a River of wealth and supply that never runs dry.

I hope you will join me in tapping into, and receiving the riches of His glory!  

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With prayers & blessings to you,



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