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What's Your Niche?

Welcome to the spiritual realm of "blessings unlimited"!

Have you ever sensed that you were carrying something new in your spirit?  However, when you look around you, there seems to be nothing tangible that you can see--no ministry or project to get started etc?  

You know you're pregnant with something God has conceived in you, but you just can't seem to grasp it.

There's no spiritual blockage that you're aware of.  You know that you're in a good place with God.  You have ears to hear Him.  You have no major sin or healing issues to tackle right now.

"So what could you be missing?" you might ask.

May I suggest that you just might be carrying a 'niche blessing'?  These are unique giftings that flow through the Spirit of God through individuals.* 

He uses these gifts to bring forth His revelation and His presence--which further causes His Kingdom to come and will be done on earth (Matthew 6:9-10).

God wants us to be spiritual, and to not be in the dark about spiritual things (1 Corinthians 12).  If you're anything like me... love being spiritual!  And constantly seeking ways to learn about becoming even more spiritual.

If you're sort of intrigued and curious about how niche blessings can manifest themselves, following here is a short list of some of them.  I don't at all believe that this is a definitive list--God's Spirit has an infinite, creative supply of wonderful things for us--blessings unlimited!

He will graciously give us all things!  (Romans 8:32)  Here's my list:

1)  Fragrance niche gifting - an individual with this niche tends to

  • smell things no one else can smell
  • is very picky about their food
  • may receive misunderstanding or criticism regarding their sense of smell

This heightened sense of awareness is actually a gift of discernment.  Through their spirits, they smell the fragrance of heaven!  God's fragrance is wonderful.  The Scriptures tell us--

"Pleasing is the fragrance of your perfumes; Your name is like perfume poured out." ~ Song of Songs 1:3

Those with this niche gifting can sense fragrance "portals"--if you're not familiar with this term, a portal is a spiritual gateway where spiritual activity can enter and materialize here on earth.

A great example of a portal would come from the story of Jacob's ladder in Genesis 28:10 ff., where the Scriptures describe a spot where Jacob saw the stairway to heaven in a dream.  In verses 16-17, Jacob realizes the presence of God was right in that spot, and declared it as "the gate of heaven."

What can we do with these gates?  How is a 'fragrance niche blessing' related to all of this?

Click here to find out!

Also, receive a fragrance blessing!

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