Online Prayer Requests

Online prayer requests are accepted here.  Do you have a need that's on your heart?  Is it--

  • A financial need?
  • A health problem?
  • A relationship issue?
  • Or, another need?

You are invited to share it here.  

Feeling shy?  Your name is NOT required, if you would prefer to remain anonymous.  

By leaving a prayer, you can encourage others with the same issues. 

And you are free to post a word of encouragement, or a prayer for someone who has shared!

And I will pray for you as well!

Please Share Your Prayer Requests Here!

You can post a request or pray for others who have shared, below.

Prayer Requests from Others

Click below to see prayer needs and concerns from other visitors to this page...

Greetings and Hello Pastor Dawn...I'm writing to you for prayer request. Well, I have been asking God to send me a wife from Atlanta, GA. I pray God …

I need prayers during this intense finals week this winter. That I pass all of my exams and pass my classes.

I need help praying and fasting. 
"Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." I need people to pray and fast for me and also for my Ramona; so that I can pray and fast …

Pray and Donate for Jaxson Robertson 
For 4-year-old Jaxon, who is battling cancer-- Pray, share and donate please! They really need donations please. Jaxson will be in the St.Louis Children's …

Please Pray for My Dad 
This is a prayer request for my father. He does not have a relationship with the Lord, and I am praying that he will be drawn out of darkness, and have …

Please, if you could pray for my family. My husband has been out of work for over 2 years. We are really struggling to pay bills and debts. We need …

Ten year prayer:: God unite me with a tall handsome orthodox husband quickly!! A very prosperous successful man, let him find me ASAP! Break any curse blocking me from marrying!!  Not rated yet
Urgent help:: Prayer of FAVOR upon me and protection in the workplace! Bless my 3 areas to exceed their goals daily!! Bless me with the best team …

Thanks Not rated yet
Dear God of Grace and Mercy, In gratitude I Praise You. Glorify You for your presence in our lives. Thank You Lord for j,v,n & x--those who supported …

Request for a Job Not rated yet
Dear God, In your Mercy, hear our prayers. We need your divine intervention for our son to get a job. Please help him get a contract with good income. …

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