Prayer Journals

A vision of prayer journals--

The Lord has been showing me images of broken, depressed, hurting, frustrated people--like sheep without a shepherd (Matt. 9).

Then He began showing me a strategy that can help these hurting ones to--

  • come out of places of darkness
  • experience freedom from emotional bondage
  • escape prisons of wounded-ness

He then brought my attention to my journal, sitting on my nightstand.  I said to the Lord, "What do prayer journals have to do with all of this?

Prayer Journaling for Healing

A journal that I am designing (above)

The Lord began showing me how a starting a journal can begin a healing process. Even for those of us who think we can't write.  By pouring our thoughts out on paper, we can allow God to-- 

  • examine our hearts
  • show us things that might be hidden from us
  • lead us into new places of freedom and blessing 

We can begin the process by simply making a prayer list of whatever comes to mind. A list keeps us focused.  

If we have no clue of what to write about, keeping a list also brings forth more ideas.

So, let's get personal.  You can begin to ponder these questions to jumpstart your journal writing--

Ideas you can write about:

  • your personal needs
  • your family
  • your neighborhood
  • your city or town
  • your state or region, or country.

What about world problems and issues?  Write about those, too.  You can write down world issues or any causes that concern you--hunger, poverty, human rights, etc.

Is there something you're passionate about?  Anything that stirs you up emotionally are also things you can include in your list:

  • What makes you angry sad, upset, worried?
  • What do you love and wish to see more of in the world? 
  • What problems would you love to see solved?

Your relationship with God can be at the top of your list:

  • What parts of your relationship with God need help? 
  • What areas of your life are you willing to work on with the Lord?
  • Where in your life would you like to see the Lord intervene?

You can also be free to add your own elements to the journal as you wish. Brainstorm and let your imagination roam free and use whatever pieces seem right to you.

Decorate the cover with markers or crayons--be childlike.  Glue on stickers or go plain, if that's your style.

God is the Light, the Healer, and the creative Spirit--He is the Master Designer--what is His Spirit speaking to you to write at this time?

Stay tuned for another installment Prayer Journals, coming soon!

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