Inspirational Prayers

Enjoy these inspirational prayers for various issues.  They will motivate and uplift your spirit.  If you like these, you might also be interested in these prayers that help you with your goals and receiving power from the Spirit.  Also check out new lessons on spiritual listening.

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Prayer for Peace

The peace of God which passes all of your understanding, will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. ~ Philippians 4:7

Listen with your spirit to the Word of God for you.  I bless you with peace guarding your heart.  May the peace of God rule within your being.  May all of your decisions be guided by peace.  I bless you to feel settled within yourself.  I bless you with relaxation that comes from heaven.  I bless you with supernatural comfort in your spirit.

May you experience the peace of God, not as the world gives, because the world doesn't offer perfect peace.  May the Lord lift up His countenance to you and give you peace.  I bless you in the Name of the Prince of Peace.  Amen.

Prayer for Joy

Do not grieve for the joy of the Lord is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:10)

Beloved, I call your spirit to hear--listen to the Word of God for you.  I bless you to know that the Lord desires to give you great joy.  I bless you with the joy of the Lord and I bless you with strength.

I bless you with the garment of praise, and may it replace any heaviness on you.  I bless you with joy that comes from the Spirit of God.  May God bless you with the anointing of joy.  May you experience joy into every cell of your being.  May you be energized by His supernatural joy.

Weeping may endure for a night, but I bless you with joy that comes in the morning.  I bless you with a joyful soul that comes from rejoicing in the Lord.

Be joyful always.  I bless you with the joy of the Lord.

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