Thanksgiving Blessing

Need a thanksgiving blessing?  Do you struggle to be thankful?  Are you a complainer?  Are you negative? This blessing will help you to have a more grateful, thankful spirit.

The Blessing:

Beloved one, I call your spirit to attention.  Listen with your spirit to the Word of the Lord:

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what he has done.  Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts. 

"Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.  Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.  

"Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced, O descendants of Israel his servant, O sons of Jacob, his chosen ones." ~ 1 Chronicles 16:8-13

Dear child, you are special to the Lord.  The very hairs on your head are all numbered.  The Lord has thoughts about you all of the time.  

The number of thoughts God has about you outnumber the grains of sand on the seashores.  You are loved deeply by Him.

Before the world was even created, God had your creation in mind.  You are a part of all of the wonders He has created.  

He created you to be a thankful person.  He created you to praise and worship Him.  He created you to believe Him.

You can praise the Lord and give Him thanks.  You can praise Him anywhere, at any time.  You can be grateful to God for all He has done for you.

I bless you to be full of thanksgiving to the Lord.  I bless you to give Him praise and worship.  I praise you to glorify His mighty name.  

I bless your heart to be full of gratitude.  I bless you to sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.  I bless you to sing of His miracles.  I bless you to tell others of His wonderful acts.

I bless you to bless others with a grateful heart.  I bless you to be a witness for the Lord.  I bless your life to be testimony to the watching world.  I bless you to praise and give thanks to the Lord God Almighty, in His Name. Amen.

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