I need help praying and fasting.

by Steve

"Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting."

I need people to pray and fast for me and also for my Ramona; so that I can pray and fast as I should; and so that she is delivered from the bondage of sin.

My former fiancee is obviously in great need for people to pray and fast for her as well.

She is stripping online, wearing the cross while doing it, and even on Sundays. She once told me Jesus is her best friend, but the evidence is sorely lacking.

She is caught up in these multiple personas she uses, alter egos, which are an abomination before the Lord.

And she has gotten a handful of tattoos this year, though I have showed her the verse in Lev. 19 prohibiting tattoos.

Please pray and fast for me, that I am strengthened to pray and fast for her as I should, and that God delivers her from the bondage of sin.

I have prayed for her, through about two-thirds of the bible, but it has been much more difficult since I found out about this.

And I have suffered great discouragement from it.

I had hoped she would be my wife and partner in mission work. This is not possible to even consider under these circumstances.

So please also pray for me:

1) that I speak words that bring her to Christ, and do not put a stumbling block before her, and also that my personal service does not suffer setbacks from this.

But, if possible, and even more please:

1) pray and fast that she love God more than her sin, more than anything;

2) that she confesses her sin, forsakes it, and repudiates it;

3) And that she lives a pure and holy life.

4) Please pray also that she feeds upon God's word each and every day, that it becomes sweet to her, and a hallmark of her life.

Thank you and the Lord bless you for your serious response to this dire need.

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Dec 21, 2013
Praying with You!
by: Dawn @prayer-blessings.com


May the Lord bless you & keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you & be gracious to you. May the Lord fill you with His peace.

I bless you with the strength of the Lord, which gives you the power to do all things. May He honor you as you fast & pray.

May you find the answers you need through this purification process.

The Lord bless Ramona--may He speak to her and heal her soul. I sense emotional wounds in her. Lord, touch those deep places in her and bring Your light to her spirit, soul, and body.

Release her from any destruction the enemy has planned for her. Bring her to a safe haven and give her peace.

In Jesus Name, thank You & praise you for the perfect answer. Amen!

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