Fragrance Gifting:

How to Use It!

What should you do with a portal and how is the fragrance gifting related to it?  In my last installment, I finished with talking about portals.  

The portal is present to reveal a revelation from God.  If you are tuning into the portal, your spirit will begin to hear things you may not get anywhere else.  

A practical example of this would be when you're worshiping.  If you sense or smell fragrance in the realm of worship, then you could tune into the revelation of God--in other words, listen to what He's saying.  

You may be sensing a heavenly blessing being released while tuning in.  If so, then that would be a cause to praise and worship more!

On the other hand, you might sense a smell of stench or defilement (Isaiah 3:24a) .  If so, then you can use your spiritual authority to rebuke the odor and foul spirit associated with it.  

You can bring about a spiritual cleansing when doing so.

As another example, I'll use my sister.  She definitely has a fragrance niche gifting.  For years, she has had the ability to smell scents that no one else smells.  

Typically, she smells foul smells and defilement.  She usually will discern addictions like alcoholism, nicotine, and drugs.

It may seem that anyone could smell these smells, but I've witnessed it first-hand.  I miss a good 90% of things she picks up.  And there is nothing wrong with my nose--at least in the natural realm!  I truly believe this is a supernatural skill.

At first, we just thought it was a weird "thing" that she had, or that she was just overly sensitive.  However, once I began to learn about this anointing for fragrance, I taught her to start praying for the people who carried these scents.  

When she has prayed for these people, breakthroughs have occurred.

They share info with her that they haven't told her before, and she receives other opportunities for ministry.

As for me, I don't believe that I have a full-on, fragrance gifting.  I will, however, experience temporary downloads of fragrance.  

Usually, it occurs when I'm deep in worship.  But it can happen spontaneously, too!

I tend get a lot of pleasant scents released to me--roses or sweet perfumes.  Proverbs 27:9a. says, "Perfume & incense bring joy to the heart".  I believe this fragrance is the manifest presence of God (SS 2:1, 3:6; Isaiah 35:1).

When this happens, I stop to ask God what He's saying and I write it down.  

I tend to get many creative ideas during a release of fragrance.

How about you?  Do you sense that you have a fragrance gifting?  If so, tell us about it--how has it manifested?

Also, let me know if you would be interested in deeper instruction on niche blessings.  Let your needs be known and I'll do my best to serve you.

Stay tuned for another installment on more unusual niche blessings:)

Now, receive a fragrance blessing!

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