Creativity With Knitting & Crochet

by Dawn
(Southern California)

Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl

I love working with yarn--specifically with knitting and crochet.

I learned these skills as a little girl with my Mom's encouragement. She put me and my sister in a kid's knitting class at our local park.

I remember it well--our project was a pair of slippers. Our teacher worked very well with children, and because she was so nice, I always have great memories when I see a pair of needles.

My mother taught me to crochet after I kept asking her to teach me. When I was a child yarn crafts were experiencing a revival. They were extremely popular, so I wanted to be in on all of the fashions.

Once I reached my college years, the needles and hooks got pitched to the side. I lost all interest in it.

Years later, my younger sister started crafting--painting. She kept telling me about how painting helped her to connect spiritually, and that it was very healing.

That sounded intriguing, so one day I went along with her to the craft store. While she shopped for paints and brushes, I browsed the store. I ended up in the yarn section.

I thought it might be fun to see if I could still knit, so I picked up some yarn that had a nice sweater pattern on its label. I also bought needles.

I started the pattern right away and the passion for it came right back to me. I had actually never made a sweater before. But it turned out perfectly.

I was amazed that I did so well. The Word says that the gifts and calling of the Lord can never be withdrawn. So that project proved it for me!

I do feel the presence of God when I knit or crochet. They are very meditative, soothing crafts. I pray a lot while doing needlework. I find that I get lots of ideas. So I keep a notepad by my side and write down what comes to me.

Two photos I've included above are: a knitted prayer shawl, and a freeform crochet bag. The bag is my own design--I often get prophetic ideas for bags and make them without a pattern.

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