Prophetic December Inspirational Thoughts

December Inspirational Thoughts that are prophetic are here!  Receive God's heart for you this season!

December 18:  There is a meadow of green today—like chartreuse green (a color between green and yellow).  The Lord is standing in this meadow and singing.  He’s singing to you, because he says you are worthy. 

He sings to you, “I want to prosper you and for you to be in health.  I want your soul to prosper!” 

He then walks through this meadow of green, and continues in song.  It is the song of the Lord, and He is singing to you.

As the Lord is walking, He stops for a moment in the meadow of green.  He stoops down and places His hand deep into the tall grass. 

December Inspirational Thoughts:  The Green Bag

When He pulls His hand out of the tall grass, He is holding a green bag.  Out of the bag, He pulls out stack of money.  

He is singing, “These are finances for you!  These are finances for you!  I have them for you.  I am supplying all your needs according to my riches in glory!”

The Lord is standing and is reaching out to you with both of His hands.  In one hand, He has the bag and the money to give to you.  His other hand is outstretched, and He’s offering Himself to you.

He sings to you, “I want you to know the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, that though I was rich, yet for your sake I became poor, so that you through My poverty might become rich!

“Receive My abundance to you, today.  Receive My finances that I have for you!  I Am supplying all of your needs!”


Renew Your Mind

December 20:  With the green bag still in His hand, the Lord says, "It is going to take some re-training of your spirit for you to receive more finances and provision that I have for you.

"I know you have needs.  They are already yours, I Am handing them to you right now.  But you need to receive them--take them from My hand, into your hand.  You must be tuned to the Spirit, the Spirit of Christ. 

"Renew your mind and meditate on the Word of God, according to Mark 4.  Your problems in receiving arise from being out of the habit of having a trained spirit.  I want you to live the abundant life! I have come that you may have life, and that you may have it more abundantly."

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Increase in Dreams and Visions

December 26:  In the new year, God is increasing dreams and visions in the lives of His people.  The Lord showed Himself in a vision.

He emerged from a rainbow cloud, saying:  “I Am working through dreams and visions in your life. 

"I want you to get quiet within your being, so that you can receive from Me through your dreams.  Get quiet before Me.

“Be still, and know that I Am God,” says the Lord. (Psalm 46)

He says, “I Am pouring out My Spirit on My servants and handmaidens.  I Am pouring out My Spirit in these days.  (Joel 2)

“As I pour out My Spirit, I will lead you in paths of righteousness for My Name’s sake.  I Am making my Word come alive through this outpouring of My Spirit.  (Psalm 23)

“In 2015, My Word will be lamp to your feet and a light to your path.   (Psalm 119)

“In order to understand the dreams and visions I give—you must stay in Word of God.  My Word is the key to unlocking every dream and vision I give to you.  So stay in the Word!”

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