Joy Blessing

Enjoy the joy blessing, below.  Allow it to feed your spirit.  You may speak it over yourself or others.

You may pray it as written, or change the language to personalize it.  You may replace the word, "beloved" with your name or the name of someone you want to bless. 

This blessing is also good for praying with others.  Get together with someone and take turns speaking the words to each other.  It is powerful to hear these words being spoken to you.

Pray this blessing over and over and take note of what changes or improves in your life.  Here's to experiencing radical joy!

Joy Blessing

Beloved, I call your spirit to attention.  I invite you front and center to talk to you and lift you up.  Hear with your spirit the Word of God for you:

Isaiah 51:11 ~ “Therefore the redeemed of the LORD shall return, and come with singing unto Zion; and everlasting joy shall be upon their heads;

“They shall obtain gladness and joy; and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.”

Hello Beloved, sparkling one.  You are dazzling to the eyes.  You shine with the glory of heaven.  Your Father created you to sparkle and shine to the world.  I welcome you!

You were created to reign in this life.  Your Father designed you to come forth with singing and joy!  He wants everlasting joy to crown your head.  

If you look with your spirit, you can see yourself in that crown.  It sparkles and shines just as you do.

Father God wants you to walk in joy at all times.  He intends for you to radiate in joy.  Whatever circumstances you are in--whether positive or negative--

He wants you to know and experience His joy!

You were created with tremendous power.  You have the choice to use God’s glorious joy as your power. You can create the joy of heaven in a crisis.  

You can bring God’s joy to this fallen world.

Your Father made you into a vessel of joy.  His joy is not of this world.  His joy is greater than any happiness the world can create.  

The Father has given you heavenly joy.  When you use it, you receive gladness.  As you soak in His joy, all sorrow and sighing melts away.

I invite you to soak up the Father’s joy.  Listen with your spirit to God’s plan for you:  “The joy of the Lord is your strength!” ~ Nehemiah 8:10b.

I bless you to enjoy choice food and drinks, and to send some to those who have nothing prepared.  I bless you to enjoy this day, which is sacred to the Lord your God.

I bless you to be strong.  I bless you with the joy of the Lord.  I bless you with joy that relieves fatigue and weakness.  I bless you to get up and move in gladness.

I bless you to praise your Father in heaven.  I bless you to receive good gifts that come from heaven.  Your Father has prepared a party for you.  I bless you to participate in your party.

I bless you to enjoy all of the blessings that are yours in the Lord.  I bless you in the Name of the Lord, who was anointed with great joy.  Amen.

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